Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tailwater time.

     My head has been spinning over the past week with Blue River tailwater data. So rather than write a post about some other topic, I'd like you to take a look at the report that I posted here a couple of days ago:

     This section of the Blue is always lumped in as one of our states three "mysis tailwaters," but during the time I've been around, it has become obvious to me that the Blue does not enjoy a constant benefit from the presence of mysis, but appears to enjoy an occasional benefit. One of the problems is that if the mysis are not present, that river has very little in the way of invertebrate life to serve as an alternate food source. Slow growth is the biggest glaring issue that would not be a problem if the river benefitted from mysis to the extent that the Taylor and/or the Pan do.
     So, I want to invite you to dig into this report if you're interested and see what you think. What I lack with respect to the Blue tailwater is the angler's perspective. I am an avid fisherman, but the Blue tailwater is not my cup of tea at all. So I would really like to hear from you guys who fish it on a regular basis. Let's use the comments section here to have a discussion regarding whether or not the conclusions that I'm coming up with on the Blue correspond with your perception of what goes on there. One funny thing about this section of river is that I get praised and criticised at the same time by different sectors of the public for the practice of stocking the brood culls there.  I'd like to hear where folks come down on that as well.
     As you read the report, let me know -- am I on the mark? Am I missing something? Thanks.

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