Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer break

     We finished up Granby last week and got started on Green Mountain. At Granby we ended up capturing exactly 200 lakers in our 32 net sets, for an average of 6.25 fish per net. That falls right in there with the past couple years. We did have one net though, where we picked up NINE fish over 30". We've never seen that while we've been using this sampling scheme. It was astounding. We just happened to hit a big group of them travelling together, I guess. Any other time we pick up big fish, they're by themselves, or maybe there are two of them. Never nine of them.
     This is our third year of running the six-hour gillnet sets at Green Mountain. We set a new single-net record on Thursday with 18 lakers in one net. The previous record was 9 fish. We also picked up a 14- and an 18-pounder.
     Another day on Green Mountain tomorrow, and then I'm going to be off for the rest of the week, camping with family visiting from out of state. Hope you're enjoying this warm weather as much as I am.
     James W - those are great questions and I'll get into them soon. I never know how much people are interested in the hardcore analytical side of things but I love discussing it, so stand by on that.


  1. Hey Jon,
    This has become quite a loooong summer break.
    A month since your last post.
    I've been logging on almost every day waiting for your return and another of your informative posts.
    I'm sure you are very busy this time of year!
    Hope all is well....looking forward to seeing something here soon.

  2. Jon,
    This summer (July 20th) I caught a tagged Rainbow trout on the Blue in Silverthorne. This is the first tagged fish I have caught. Is there any way to find out what study the fish is being used in?

  3. Three months and not a peep out of Jon here.
    Too bad....I'm tired of checking for signs of life and hoping for something new.
    I'm removing this blog from my favorites list and moving on.

  4. Jon,
    Any reports from shocks outside of town? IMO the stretches below town are in rough shape as well.